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Hey Y'all!


I have always been incredibly orally fixated. I have a CRAZY RHTHM inside and it needs to be soothed and rocked and supported. It makes me move fast, love hard and rest deeply. 

One of my first memories from childhood is coming home and eating out of a jar of peanut butter I used to hide under my bed. I have always been really innovative at self soothing.  I grew up walking around with my thumb in my mouth, or food. One or the other. When I was AT THAT AGE, I found cigarettes. They stayed with me for years. I used food, gum, smoking, you name it to self sooth my CRAZIES. 

In my late 20’s I was introduced to a game changer, my lifelong tool that I still use to this day!  I fell in love with the idea that I could self sooth in ways that would actually support my rhythm, make me stronger and healthier, and not have negative consequences. I started using it daily, every ten minutes, sometimes more. I would keep a bottle in my pocket, and when i would feel the need to satisfy the overwhelm, i would dab it on my tongue. 20 years later, you would be hard pressed to find me without it in my pocket. 

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Updates from Jodi Dinnerman



I find it so interesting how difficult my dance with REST has been as an adult and a mom and a business owner over the years when in fact my SERVICE as a Chiropractor is all about REST and listening to when REST is needed and dealing with the consequences of not listening to when REST is needed. 


Chiropractic, more than anything gives the body a chance to REST and assimilate and adapt to stress. It gives the nervous system an opportunity to reorganize patterns that are creating chaos and dis-ease. It gives the brain and the spinal cord an opportunity to REST and repattern and work better. And yet, REST is something that this just does not come naturally for me. So , like a Woman Warrior that I am, I have figured out a way to give REST the time and space it needs in my very busy life. 


I am a go getter, a shaker and mover, and REST does not come naturally for me. But what I have found in my dance with success is that I need to take the things that don't come naturally to me and explore them and learn them inside and out so that I can better myself, adding tools to the toolbox I need to move through the world with grace. 


REST is like an old friend who knocks on your door when attention is needed. REST has the ability to rejuvenate the most fatigue, and rekindle fire within 


So, after taking a close look at the role of rest in my life here is what I've come up with; 


I nap everyday. No matter what. Even if I'm not tired, I go upstairs, I get in bed I look out the window, I daydream, and if I fall asleep I fall asleep. Some days my break is for 20 minutes and some days it's for over an hour. I guess it depends on what my body needs that day. I may not necessarily know the awaited rest timing, however everything I do is scheduled around that rest. If I don't get it I feel it and everyone around me feels it. 


Once every few days I take a break from working out I let my body chill out.

I notice a lot more emotional waves and a bit more reactivity in my answers with my kids on these days. But I also know how important they are. They give me the chance to feel where my body is sore, how I am pushing it, what I want more of and what I want to decrease. 


Rest also shows up in my ritual of meal prepping. When I'm prepping food and organizing food for the week it's the most restful experience ever. It gives me a chance to lay back and take a breath and know that I am cared for, and that the next few days are all set for what I need to be well nourished. 


I went to summer camp for 10 years as a kid and every day we would have rest hour between 12 and one after lunch. Nothing was scheduled during that time. It was free time to collect your thoughts and be quiet and turn the lights out. Literally the lights in the cabin had to be out and there was no talking allowed. I think rest hour was one of the many tools that I have taken with me from summer camp and implemented in my life as an adult.


Of all of the Pillars of RESET90, REST is definitely the most confusing one for me to write about. I find this very interesting and it's something that I will explore over the next couple of days. I will clean out the cobwebs in the corners of my mind when it comes to rest and look at the patterns that they create in my physical emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Oily Love to Diffuse; REST BLEND
5 drops Lavender
5 drops Valor
Good water. 

Remember, Zoom every Sunday Night with Dr. Jodi to study how this stuff can rock your world.

Power 123

POWER 123. 


The word empowerment; it's loaded. I think about higher power, I think about personal strength, I think about people who support me, I think about power through nutrition. There are so many moving pieces to my personal empowerment picture and so many ways that I feed it on a daily basis. 



Power to me means STRONG. Embodying power means being strong in my body. It takes work. Weakness is easy to achieve, but it is not easy to exist in. Power is difficult to achieve but it's easy to exist in. It's easy to exist strong , it's easy to exist unbroken, it's easy to exist so that no gentle wind can push me over, it's easy to exist so that just a tiny little pain doesn't have to turn into a big story, it's something that I can integrate in because I'm strong. So strong. Boom. 


It takes energy to get strong. It takes repetition, it takes work, it takes skill. It takes lifting and moving and creating time to create time to create the time . It takes membership and motivation and team building. 


Being strong = being in my body power. 



When I was a child I used to play in the dirt , I would make mud piles deep into the earth and add water and pretend that I was creating a witches brew from which I would gain all of the powers of the universe and cast enchanting spells and create charms for people who I loved. 


Not much has changed. I still play in the dirt.  I still like to think that I'm able to borrow powerful from the earth. And I for sure still love to charm the people that are close to my heart. 


I guess I knew from an early point in my life that I had a very intimate dance with power. It has always been with me, like a gentle whisper, that I had the ability to create what I wanted to just by setting intention; kind of like fuel to the fire. I just need to listen to that whisper to spark the fire. Shhhhh, Jodi, stillness. Shhhhhh.

The work that I do in my practice has a very strong intention of introducing people to this concept, putting their health in their own hands, taking the health out of people's hands who don't deserve to have it, and giving them permission to explore the power of their body. To listen and know and feel and trust. 


To become more intimate with their power than any other love in their life. The power of their innate intelligence. The power of their inborn right to health and freedom and movement and vitality. 



I started my spiritual journey when I was 19, at least my connection to it. One of the pieces that I was assigned to, by my mentor, was to explore the relationship between myself and my higher power. I still ask myself, to this day, if that even makes sense, a relationship to EVERYTHING. If my Higher Power is in ALL THINGS and is ALL THINGS, is there a relationship to it? Ok, side-tracked. 


I was asked to explore the amount of trust I felt, or could find, or what trust felt like to me, in this dance with a power greater than myself. 


I had to write out all of the qualities and pieces and feelings and experiences that I could connect to this power greater than myself. I had to really picture this power embodied, as an active part of my everyday life, as a tool through which I could find healing and comfort and solace. 


I think that that was one of the best exercises I have ever done to grow my personal path. I still use the pieces that I learned that day in this exercise on a daily basis. And here is what I learned. 


There is God in everything, and everything is God. There is nothing that God is not. It is all one and we are all one and the illusion that we are not all one is what makes us sick and separated and lonely and hurt. There is never a time or a moment or a space or a place or an incident where God is not present. Period. There is God in the good, the bad and the ugly. There is God in the dance and the run and the jump and the cry and the overeating and the undereating and the love making and the arguing and the shopping and the reading and the writing and hurting and the healing. 


What I know for sure is that God is everywhere and God is everything. There is nothing that God is not. 


Oily Love; Power Blend 

5 drops Immunopower

5 drops Deep Relief  

5 drops  Believe

Good water. 



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